tread softly please

“I have spread my dreams under your feet; Tread softly because you tread on my dreams.”
W.B. Yeats

integrating back into ‘normal life’ after a pilgrimage is not easy. there are subtle shifts and changes that have taken place (and oftentimes this transformation can be as profound as it gets). go easy during this time … with yourself and also with those around you. even though you were the who walked the road, i believe that everyone is connected and the changes are shared on other levels.

navigation and trusting yourself …
on my camino, i found that my imagination was free to roam and i was that familiar wild creature in a forest of dreams and possibility. i wish for everyone to know this feeling. … maybe it is more accurate to say i wish that everyone could remember this feeling. more and more i believe that this is our true nature. a deep knowing that we are creative beasts, creatures of dreams and discovery, beings of curiousity and wild mutts of possibility. when we find ourselves grouchy, bitter, depressed or developing illnesses — and we begin to turn towards those things that numb us out … could it be because somewhere along our way, we have wandered off course … and we are getting ‘colder’ (do you remember the ‘you’re getting warmer’ game that we used to play when we were small?)

You’re Getting Warmer
When looking for a hidden object, the person who knew the location would say “You’re getting warmer” if you were approaching the object, or “You’re on fire!” or even “You’re burning up” when very close to the object. Conversely, they would inform you that “You’re getting colder” if you weren’t headed in the right direction or “You’re freezing” if you were very far away from the object in question. The equivalent expressions in Italian are: acqua, acquetta, fuochino, fuocherello, and fuoco.

so simple. i wonder if this could be the soul’s way of helping us navigate this life, the further we stray away from our our true purpose, the worse we feel. well, bliss in each moment might not be possible or even wanted, for that matter. … i can say that in my life, ‘discomfort’ has been one of my biggest teachers … but what happens when we have the courage to meet the gaze of our suffering?  what happens when we are brutally honest with ourselves realizing that our ‘old’ way of doing things just isn’t working for us anymore?  maybe this signal beaming from the cosmos is ‘encouraging’ us to be more conscious of where we really are on our path and is giving us an opportunity to move as best we can … warmer, warmer towards some kind of relief … until we are once again, ‘blazing’ along our authentic road.




under-hoof, pamplona


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